Bangladesh National Philatelic Association : An Introduction

A good number of philatelists, stamp collectors and enthusiasts of Bangladesh in a meeting held in Dhaka city on July 23, 1978, have formed a National Philatelic body, under the style of Bangladesh National Philatelic Association (BNPA). The Association aims at the promotion of philately in the country through its various activities. It is a non-political, non-profit and non-government organization. The first full-fledged Executive Committee of BNPA was elected unanimously in a meeting held on July 30, 1978. It has celebrated its “Silver Jubilee” in the year 2003. To commemorate its historic Silver Jubilee, Bangladesh Post Office has issued one Commemorative over-print stamp on May 31, 2004 of Tk. 4.00 denomination. On the other hand, Bangladesh Post Office always issue “Special Cover and Special Cancellors” in connection with different Philatelic activities of BNPA. The following are the aims and objectives of the BNPA :-

1. To create a friendly and healthy atmosphere among the stamp collectors of the country and abroad.

2. To create an atmosphere of social values among the society through arranging discussions, seminars, symposiums and thereby to attract more and more people to this innocent hobby.

3. It would be a media for the interested stamp collectors for exchanging their spare collections.

4. The Association will arrange auctions of philatelic materials, so that the collectors can enrich their collections at a minimum cost..

5. The Association will arrange to buy stamps and other philatelic items from foreign sources in a bulk, so that the members of the Association can get those at a very reasonable price.

6. The Association will ensure regular supply of Bangladesh philatelic items among its members.

7. The Association will bring out philatelic journals, periodicals, bulletins and wall-magazines, so that the members can get world philatelic news time to time.

8. It will arrange to set up “Philatelic Library” at different parts of the country, where philatelic magazines, journals, periodicals, books and other publications will be kept.

9. The Association will introduce “Philatelic Orientation Course" and “Philatelic Workshop" for the beginners of the country.

10. There would be an information center at the Head office of the Association from where collectors can obtain any philatelic information.

11. The Association will arrange “Philatelic Exhibition" at any time jointly with any other organization/institution or own-self.

12. The Association will always maintain a good relationship with the postal authority of the country. It will always be ready to provide with all necessary help, co-operation and suggestions to the authority, if they seek for.

13. The Association will try to unite all philatelic organizations of the country for a better future of philately.

14. The Association will try its boost to popularize "Philately" as a hobby among peoples from all walks of life through its various activities.

15. It will arrange film show, dramas, cultural functions, picnic party, get-togethers, visit to different philatelic and historical places of interest and several other programs for the recreation of its members.

With all these aims and objectives in mind, the BNPA has performed several philatelic activities regularly. Those activities are as follows:-

a) PHILATELIC EXHIBITIONS: Since its inception, BNPA is organizing Philatelic Exhibitions regularly.

b) PIIILATELIC AUCTIONS: For disposing spare and duplicate philatelic items of the collectors, BNPA has started regular philatelic auctions since 1979. At present two philatelic auctions are held in each month regularly. A large number of stamp collectors attended the auction to buy and sell their surplus items.

c) PHILATELIC NEWS LETTER: For disseminating philatelic news and views among the stamp collectors, BNPA publishes news-letters titled, “Bangladesh Philatelic News” in English.

d) PHILATELIC ORIENTATION COURSE: To make young stamp collectors well acquainted with depth of the hobby, BNPA - from time to time - arranges Philatelic Orientation Course, Philatelic Workshop and Philatelic Festival etc. A large number of stamp collectors attended all these programs.

e) SEMINAR AND GET-TOGETHER: BNPA arranges philatelic seminars and get-together of philatelists in different occasions. Eid-reunion is a common festivity among the philatelists

f) NATIONAL PHILATELIC WEEK: BNPA arranged several National Philatelic Week programs for its members and interested stamp collectors.

In future, in addition to our regular activities, we hope to organize a “National Seminar on Philately”, which will be first of its kind in Bangladesh. Anybody interested in collecting stamps irrespective of age, sex, religion, caste and nationality may become a member of this Association.

Any person interested to know more about the Association, are requested to contact us through our e-mail:

Current Executive Committee

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